Have you ever...

...given someone, who wants to know how to get better at designing for Threadless (or better at creating anything, really) advice along these lines: "Just do it everyday." Maybe you included an extra line like, "it doesn't matter if you think that it sucks. What's important is that you keep doing it."

Did you give this advice online? Do you have a link to it? Do you have a link to your portfolio? Do you want to be included in a sweet blog post on my coming-soon blog? You'll get some eyes on your portfolio, if you want me to include a link to it, that is. You can also be anonymous.

Advice given before this post was made is preferable.


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myronmhouse profile pic Alumni

I've said "The more time you waste trying to get better the better you become at wasting time."

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I said something close to that in my interview and say it all of the time to noobs here. I think drawing every day is one of the best things an artist can do to get better.

"You submitted over 89 designs before you got your first print - do you have any advice for either new artists or people still trying to crack their first print? Love what you do and don’t be afraid to take a break once in a while. I had a hiatus that lasted a few years and I think it really helped in the long run. Try not to fret too much about getting high scores or lots of votes, just keep doing and learning and making things. "

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

Alex tells me this all the time.

I drink everyday instead

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

I'm sure I've said it a ton of times and lord knows I live by it but no way I could actually trace it down and find proof now.


i thought this blog was about saying something terrible and not regretting it. yes. today


probably going to dream about what i said today. :O

SteveOramA profile pic Alumni

I wouldn't necessarily say do it (draw/design) every day. A person could get burned out fast that way. I would say do it when you want to or feel like it. When you get inspired to draw/design is when I would think that the best results would come through.

But, then again, what do I know? I don't have a print here yet. It works for other reasons too though...


i'd say practice as much as you can, as with anything you want to be good at and maintain skills with and/or improve upon.

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