BANANA GUN. Feedback on Updated Version?

'ello chaps,
My friend and I have designed a submission for the mixed media challenge and we were wondering if you guys could give any suggestions.


Updated Version 1:

Updated Version 2:

Please feel free to comment any feedback, good or bad.

Watch this
No text. That's one cool banana, except the shadow is terribly harsh and obscures the design. It might be possible to 'shop it out if you're careful and a little experienced with these things. Or you could redo the whole thing with better control of light.
Oh, I really like that. But it' true, the lighting is kinda bad and the shadow is aweful. You need to make the whole thing brighter so the banana looks more yummy than yiuk, more delicious. ;) And the shadow... You could render it and add a own shadow in a program, maybe in a another color? Idk. But really cool idea!
Love the idea :) agree that the shadow is a bit distracting though
Thanks guys, I agree the shadow does take away from the design. Do you have any recommendations of how to remove/decrease the size of the shadow besides simply erasing it in photoshop?
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ostrich. said:Love the idea :) agree that the shadow is a bit distracting though
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You could lighten the shadow by isolating it on its own layer and reducing its opacity. Or you could get rid of it altogether. I think you also need to freshen up the banana and simplify it a bit. Here's a rough, quick example:
opifan64 said: Here's a rough, quick example
If that was quick for you, then you are a Speedy Gonzalez :P Thanks though! I will work on that
You really gotta get rid of that shadow. Only then itll be better.
Do you suggest completely getting rid of it or simply making it smaller yet?
Updated shadow looks good. Try on gray tee. Heather gray or silver?
Which looks better? Update 1 or 2?
MilkyKao said:Which looks better? Update 1 or 2?
Here it is on grey, I personally prefer the light yellow but what do you guys think?
I do like the yellow, too. I guess I meant a lighter gray like the mock-up that opifan64 posted up there ^ :p
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I think it's getting there but the colours are too dull. Trying playing with levels to brighten it a bit overall and clone out some of the brown spots. I think it would benefit a lot from the banana looking a lot fresher, especially for a t-shirt graphic.
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don't be afraid to make the darker parts brighter than they would be in real life.
That's really cool :D I can see a monkey holding up the zookeepers with these :P
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