One second...

do you get it?

do you get it? are are you all...

Watch this
Weirdoboy profile pic Alumni

Do I get it? I've lived it!

DRO72 profile pic Alumni

haha, "dieing to know"... well done.

if you're really still confused: the regular die is not romantically interested in the dungeons & dragons (nerdy) die

DRO72 profile pic Alumni
Morkki said:

But... but... we use six sided dice in D&D too. I just cast a scorching ray tonight! That's 2x4D6 fire damage YEAH BABY.


  • fixes glasses

i might be in over my head here...

mrwalrusface profile pic Alumni

getting rounds straight off that q-bert, I bet we already crossed the line of catching before anyone would bet, if u can bet a mailed Crew neck,..... and comment feed, from: fashion ME, some T'o'p's. please someone C+X and paste+v, my nurturing care

macdoodle profile pic Alumni
Weirdoboy said:

Do I get it? I've lived it!

Hahaha! Hilarious!


Y'all nerdy as shit :D

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

hahahahahha yep got it and it's adorable. Also Morkki rulez.

Jayme Art said:

soo.. the square one likes the Harry Potter one?

Haha I thought that too :>

gebe profile pic Alumni

I cannot associate the 6-sided die to a girl =/ should it be a girl, right?

moosabman profile pic Alumni

^ I get it, its hilarious. but maybe you could make the 6-sided die more obviously a girl. Pink die? but then its less "standard" vs "nerd"

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