Rejected for real facts, tips please!

hello folks, little suzie here got denied and I wonder why.. any suggestions?
thanks! :)

Watch this
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I just checked and you actually submitted it to the regular threadless competition, so that's why I was a little confused.

Are those lassos or are they part of her hair?


they're lassos, d'you think it would help to change her haircolor to make it more clear? up on the fish you can see the pattern on the strings.

I didnt mean to submit this to the threadless contest, was that maybe the reason it was rejected?


sorry, but your design is really bad. perhaps work on it before resubmitting.


Hmm, not doing it for me. Looks a bit cheap and flat, like a birthday card from a gas station. Keep at it


I guess I just don't get it. What real fact is this supposed to represent?

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I think that you need to find a strong idea before putting pen to paper. Perhaps theres some kind of cultural lost in translation, but I don't understand/ get the concept and the rendering of the idea needs some more care and attention to make it come alive.


The fact is that fishing line used to be made of real human hair.

Or that there are over 1 deaths by malicious fish drowning every year.


Yeah ok, changing hair color asap.. Shes holding the fish caught with lassos like theyre balloons. Thats the idea.


it looks like she is being hung. scrap everything.


got something a little more constructive, maybe?

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Theres not a lot to be constructive about in all honesty, the idea isn't there at all. The concept doesn't make any sense and the illustration is very basic at best. Put some effort into the illustration, it feels like you just busted this out with very little thought or time gone into it. A lot of the colours are too similar in hue and merge together, the fish are clearly copy and pasted, the stance of the character is uninteresting, theres very little personality to the style, its clip arty.

I'm sorry to be brutal but I don't think this is something that needs 'fixing' it needs to be strong from the start and then tweaked if changes are needed.

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Liebe Lea,

wie die anderen schon festgestellt haben, fehlt es an einer nachvollziehbaren Idee. Du hast hier ein Mädl, welches drei Fische an ihren - nehme ich mal an - Zöpfen hängen hat. Die Fische fliegen wie Ballons über ihrem kopf - warum ist das so?

Ein gewinnbringenderes Konzept wäre eine Meerjungfrau die mit ihren Haaren Fische fängt. Das hat irgendwo noch Sinn - wenn Du verstehst was ich meine ;-)

Es ist schwer auf threadless etwas zu bringen das die Leute beeindruckt. Der Zeichenstil ist mir persönlich etwas zu flach. Die drei Fische sind eindeutig "copy-paste". Dadurch wirkt es auf den Betrachter so als ob Du in 5 Minuten schnell ein Design machen wolltest. Natürlcih ist es durchaus legitim ein Design schnell zu machen. Aber das muss dann durch ein bobengranatenstarkes Konzept überzeugen oder eine flüchtige Arbeitsweise integrieren.

Ich hoffe das hilft Dir weiter ...


okay, that I can work with. thanks!

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