Win Threadcash: Score designs and find your top three favorites!

Everybody scores designs a little differently. Some folks give high scores to anything they like while others reserve their 5s for their most favoritist of all submissions.

For this challenge, we want everyone to get on the same page (this one). Score 200 submissions and then post the links to your top 3 favorites in the comments below. Three random scorers will win a $50 Threadless gift code!

Show us your top 3 by Monday Oct. 14!

10/16: Thanks all for participating! Congratulations to ChloeLesage, Nucky Dana, and Pyne! Keep on votin!

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Ryder Revolution said:

you let me down casper... you let me down

Lol I'm sorry Ryder Revolution. I put down my top three favorites that are up for scoring right now. And I voted highly on your paper machete though =P and if your sorry design was still up...


1)Title:Cookie Dreams V.02

2)TITLE:Last house of the unicorn


I love all of these designs, simply because i can tell that these artists have put a lot of hard work into making these designs. Each one of these designs is really good by the great detailed work that is put into thes designs. I love the creativity that is used in these designs. Great Job Artists!

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