What's your fuel?

Hi guys,

My first thread here, and I'd like to know what do you do while you create. What are you habits, the music you listen too, the tea you drink, if you make some time outs while you work, how's your workspace like and so on.

I'll start.

The first thing I do is to kind of organize my desk (it's always a mess). Get my tablet in the perfect position and the keyboard behind it, like I'm going to a battle (if there was battles with keyboards and tablets). My mouse stays close too, with my Threadless mouse pad under it, muahaha... Next thing is to open my Music folder and choose something from Queen, Hans Zimmer or anything epic like Two Steps From Hell, Epic Score, Audiomachine, etc... Can't work without it... Sometimes my girlfriend awesome (well, she's awesome all the time (in the remote case she reads this)) and she brings me a cup of tea, wich is healthy, warmy, and makes me feel cozy while working and it's an instant break while reaching for it. But for bigger breaks I smoke a cigarette...Yup, I'm dumb like that, a smoker... and it completely kills the healthy part of the tea...
I also have on Threadless artists a huge part of my inspiration, looking for different styles, trying to understand how someone did this and that. I have a folder on my desktop with random designs from a lot of you guys that I save just to show me how much I need to keep doing what I do to be better.

So, I think that's that. If you want to ask me anything, please be my guest. And let me know how do you guys do your thing.

Happy designing!!! :D

Watch this

I have the TV on and just sit on the couch. Draw with my tablet and laptop. That's about it. Wish I had something more special to fuel myself.


I like to listen to music like Bastille and drink snapple peach tea here and there and have to have something salty like tostitos restaurant style... just a little something to snack on because I rarely take breaks. Then I usually talk to bro to bounce ideas back and forth! :) If i'm not distracted by thread posts and dog gifs!

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Casper, that's designing like a boss!! Christina that's great, and healthier. And I forgot to say my gf helps me a lot with feedback, usually negative at first --'

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fuzzy slippers on - check / fluffy wool sweater on - check (it's cold here) Arizona iced tee (or coffee !) - check / silence - check.

And there are battles where the weapons of choice are tablets and mouse. Threadwars ! will come suddenly and with lots of blood.


It's like pulling teeth if I am not motivated from within. Inspiration comes to me, I find it difficult to FUEL it up. IF I really need inspiration I either go to notcot.org to get jazzed about design. Or I just start brainstorming via an ideatree. I find that I can be more creative when I give myself more restrictions then the original brief dictates.


It helps to have an inspiration. for me this means scanning over deviantart, looking at artists i follow until a concept hits me. Once i got my idea, i close the blinds so no outside light gets in and go into hermit mode. I turn on some cartoons on netflix and prop a big bowl of trail mix on my desk. Chewing helps stimulate my mental activity. I crack open a window too, the cool autumn breeze is very relaxing. I work with a mouse, i only use a tablet for 3D sculpting work.


Sit on my bed with a pillow against the wall for comfort, laptop on my lap (with a board underneath it to keep it cool), tablet to my right. Music wise, i HAVE to listen to music with no lyrics, so it's usually instrumentals and more recently, the Chrono Trigger soundtrack :)


I'm kinda unhealthy...sitting on the floor with a coffee table full of beer,cigs, wacom tablet and rock/heavy metal...inspiration comes wasting time on the internet or whan i'm at work

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It's coming to light through recent neurological research that everyone has a second 'person' inside them, who appears only when they're dreaming. This person has their own motivations, memories and recurring relationships somewhat separate from their waking self. I know I've often thought this was the case, and truly believe there's so much more going on inside our heads than we're often privy to.

Hence I try to delve into my own mind for inspiration, which is of course, in turn, influenced heavily by what I see on this site daily. It's a wonderfully vicious cycle.


Melmike said:

....truly believe there's so much more going on inside our heads than we're often privy to.

right? Our minds have a mind of their own ...too bad its an 'unconscious' one. :]

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