So I've been working on an ice cream sundae licking it's own ice cream. Watcha think? Any suggestions? I think it needs more stuff to work on.. :)

Watch this

It looks too simple like you didn't put any hard work to it. The concept is great but you don't make it that clear. Try add more shadows and maybe make the ice-cream melt down lower to the tongue.


Kind of an over done concept with the ice cream cone. Get a bit more creative, needs a bit of depth, some cone patterns and swirl lines in the ice cream. something more, keep at it, you'll figure it out

Kate Twohig

I reckon you could achieve a terrific effect by looking for a more interesting cone as a start. I mean really look at cones. Texture is everything. What about one of those square bottom ones? They look more human. Then look at what makes dripping ice-cream look so good. Again texture, slick gloss. Maybe you could make the character have real personality and a thick dribble running into his mouth. I picture a guy sitting in an alley, cone slightly crushed, a bit dirty...sticking his tongue, absentmindedly at the dribble running over one eye. Hey, maybe that's just me.....


I think you should work more on details: Make icecream more yummy (in order to give the cone a reason to want to lick itself), A litle more expression to the face, and try also adding a longer tongue and some more dripping next to it!

(Kate Twohig gave you a good advise about the cone)


make a more detailed / funny facial expression, great design ... needs work :)


The face needs more expression, try having one of the eyes squint and the tongue reaaally stretching, also the dripping ice cream must be much closer to the tongue to sell the concept with ease.

I like the idea and definitely think it's worth you reviewing and spending some time with.


I think you shoud make the yes more cartoon like and looking up to the ice cream and the drips bigger.

Great idea thou

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