Adobe Creative Cloud

After making ends meet on CS3 for the last 5 years, I've decided it's time to catch up to this decade in the creative suite series.

I've been reading up on the Creative Cloud - it sounds great but I wanted to hear firsthand from you folks who have been using it.

Pros? Cons? Qualms? Queries?

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P0ckets profile pic Alumni

I'm on cs6 but not cloud, and don't have anything to compare it to. I know mike krahulik from penny arcade uses CC and likes it, but he's minted so probably doesn't worry about the cost!

My only con for current Ps is the lack of a smoothing option for freehand brush strokes, although you can use vector tools for that.

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I just started with creative cloud a cple weeks ago, the price kinda sucks but the thing I like about it is you can use it on any computer your on as long as you remember your username and pass.

Plus you can download all the programs they have to offer. So I think its worth it in the end. IMO

tronbeardsley profile pic Alumni

Yeah I was a little apprehensive about the price, but apparently you can't upgrade from cs3 to cs6 meaning I'd have to buy a whole new suite ($1300).

At $30 bucks a month, it seemed like a better deal. Do you get access to all adobe programs or are there different tiers with different access privileges?


There's no "packages", Tronbeardsley. The price is for the full suit. A single app would cost US$ 19/month (annual plan). I've been using it and for $30 bucks, it is worthy! The only con I can think of is the risk of the next year price rises.

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