What gives?

So I submitted a few designs for the "Next Big Tee" contest, and it was looking promising, getting a couple hundred votes in the first couple days. But then I'm browsing through other designs in the contest, and a lot of other submissions were given 20+ days for scoring. We were given 7 days.
What gives?!

The contest explains that each submission gets only 7 days for scoring.
That seems fair... but we have no chance to compete if we're cut off at 7 days and other submissions have a lot more time to raise awareness.

An explanation would be appreciated.

Watch this

I looked at your design (which was awesome by the way) and it wasn't entered into the "Next Big Tee" competition. It shows that it was entered into the regular Threadless competition. It is my understanding that the special competitions are open until the competition expires, whereas typical Threadless designs are only open for 7 days max. if you have a minute, would you please score my design? Thank you kindly. http://www.threadless.com/moviesthatdontexistyet/princess-lollypop-the-movie/


Thanks Michaelhlee!

That makes sense now... I swear that when I submitted my design, I selected the "Next Big Tee" competition, I wonder if it was redirected or something.

I dig your design! You get a 5 from me!

Thanks again!

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