Favourite music vids

Post your favourite videos, it could be an animated vid, or one of those stop motion videos-perhaps even just a video with an interesting narrative. Here's one of my favourites.

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I know my taste is music really differs from most on this site but I love the Express yourself Video. Love the story behind the making of this vid too. Madonna believed so much in the concept for the vid (which the record company refused to fully finance) that she sunk 2million (of the 5 million dollar budget) of her own to make it what she thought it should be. I love how theatrical it is and how it plays out like a mini movie.

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I remember being a kid and just being blown away by this one, I still think is one of the most striking videos made and one of Steve Barron's best works:

This one is literally my favourite videoclip of all time and one of the reasons I think Jamie Thraves is a creative genius, the script writing is amazing and perfect and I can see it again and again:

One of the best works of the Shynola gang and probably one (or the first) 8-bit commercial videoclips around:

By Skinny, the story for some reasons seems so familiar and so well filmed that stuck with me for a while:


Gorgeous Vid!

Thomas Orrow
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Just getting around to watching some of these. That Rone-Parade one is quite trippy, I wonder how they did that? and of course the classic A-ha vid- gotta love that!


Mainly for the stop-animation...the songs are cool too though:

Thomas Orrow
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Finally watched them all. I particularly enjoyed the Wagonchrist-Shadows one.

@ Andrea Neat video! What a strange and lonely looking minotaur. The music goes really well with it.

@ QBF Ah, interesting how yours, sweetnsours and Eric's videos almost remind me of each of your own subs. The video starts off a bit plain, but gets more interesting as it goes along.

@ Twiggyhall All different videos, but they have a weird common link. Very relaxing soothing music with funny doodly animations.

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Was going to post move your feet by Junior Senior but Ivan got there first :D

More for comedy value, but love these:

Flight of the Conchords - Sugar Lumps

Lonely Island - ahem this

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So many good one !

christopher walken one is all ready posted and one from ok coral is up so here for nostaglia.

no I have add this one from fat boy slim cause it too awesome not to be here

Thomas Orrow
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Yeah, love that animated vid. w/ Junior Senior.

I meant to say earlier to Beanepod-Hahaha wth is that! It looks like Tobias Funke's early days.

@theillustratorman Yes, me too-not a fan of Tool at all, but their videos certainly are interesting!

What a weird mix-sweetnsour. The tiger one is a fun student video. The Pass This On one wouldn't be too shocking in Thailand as there are lots of transgendered people in Thailand. I liked the Molten Light vid. the best, it reminded me of your own work a tiny bit.

@Nick Nice Alpine video!~

sweet n sour said: oh god i love this video. that blonde is so fucking hott
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