PAPER MÂCHÉTE - 3.31, Not too bad

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You could also just put a blood stain on the edge. Because paper cuts are nasty!

Thomas Orrow
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I think a photo of a paper mache machete/man holding a machete would see the idea of the title better.

Or, alternatively just call this Paper Cut and make a blob of blood instead of just the line.

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Yeah, like that. I like how the blood stain spreads to the shirt in a darker red.


for some reason the red line going down all the way doesn't add to the design, I can see what you're trying to do with the "margin" but maybe make it fade or "dirty" it a bit.


That's a win!


looks good and funny play on words!

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Idea is great. Only thing that seems a bit off is the blood.

Is the paper machete being held up? (where the blood would be dripping) or Is the paper machete on the ground? (where the blood would be pooling)

Making either more obvious would be a nice touch.

Good work!

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i'd guess it's on some sort of surface... unless a ghost is holding it up.. .or ghost dad...


This is an easy 5. Nicely done.


Haha 69... I'm one of the those fives... anyways I digress as usual... Congratulations on the good score and good luck.


Coool score :] ...I hate paper cuts.

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