Need comments on a rejected design

Hello Community,

I submitted this design for the Big Tee but it was rejected. Explanation: it needs more work. Could you help me figure out what's wrong with this, because I don't see how I could make it different and keep the simplicity.

The concept behind was to take a classic T-shirt icon and bring it to "today's taste" by making it even more classic (8bit treatment). Title was W.O.L.F. When Old Leads Fashion.

Thanks for your help.

Watch this

The only thing I can imagine is that they thought it was a poor quality design an the shirt. Keeping the simplicity and the idea maybe tricky but try sharpening the edges and have the colors not blend into each other. Not sure if it will improve the look or not but i do like the idea. If you get time check out my design i just got up, any comments or vote would be appreciated! Thanks and best of luck with your design!


doesn't really fit the 8-bit feel, just looks like incredibly low quality

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