The Study of Change

The Study of Change

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amazing design. awesome title. this is a good one.


I need this one! please put a 9.99 promoton or something, I'm little short on my PayPal just now :P


Bought it!


Yes, Bitch!


I got the t-shirt and love it ... but wish it also came in a long-sleeve edition too


I order this one DEC 10th but still didnt ship out. whats happening?


are you aware that this design is being used in a couple shops on etsy? I'm only asking because i want to make sure that they ARTIST is being respected and PAID for every shirt or sweatshit sold. I will not buy from any of the etsy shops until i find out whether or not they are using the art of threadess artists with PERMISSION.

You are not the only artist they have from here. In fact its quite a large number of artists being exploited. If its NOT with your permission, PLEASE write etsy staff and have they ban the shop owners. WE want only honorable shop owners on etsy - at least here we know without a shadow of a doubt you are gettting paid. Sachi


Nice maybe i would like to order this shirt because now you have 2xl size for this shirt.


This is awesome! Breaking Bad is my #1 favorite tv series. I'm so sad now that it's over :( Can't wait until the spinoff, Better Call Saul.

Stevo D

Is anyone else having the problem with the white on the design coming off in the wash? I have only washed it twice and whole chunks of white are coming off the shirt leaving no design. Not happy!




please reprint!!


@stevo D...we had the same problem. I got this for my boyfriend and the entire right side of the white design has come off after a few tumbles in the wash.


Simply Superb Illustration


I just received this tee and the quality of the design is awful, whole chunks of white are coming off the shirt and is brand new!


@syi79 are you guys serious? and these are the "Threadless" guys ones? They are meant to be of utmost quality, grr not sure whether to buy one now. :(


really great work.


Great!!!! Now I know what's on WW's mind.


Cool. I like it.


what's the difference between the threads Mens Tee versus just the Mens Tee?

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