Candyland the movie

Any help at all with this one would be appreciated.

Watch this

First, "The Movie" shouldn't overlap so much of the Title. Also, maybe add in a few more elements from the game ie: gumdrops, lollipop trees, or molasses swamps. Maybe a couple more characters hanging out in the background. I really enjoy this concept.


Thank you for your comments. I don't want to clutter it with too much. I wanted to keep it simple. Here is my second draft. I changed all of the verbiage at the bottom, and I changed the title of the poster as I think the other title would infringe on copyright. I dropped the cloud from the title and I changed the image on her chest. Let me know what you think.


For me Lollipop means colors and happiness so this design is like a fresh wind to my mind. I like the idea, but somehow the 'princess' doesn't look like a princess to me. She looks a bit old. She should look more mysterious and maybe lenghten her legs a little


i'm a member of the local chapter. We're sort of a big deal


Haha. Lollypop Guild... I think that I will try removing the lines from her face. My wife had the same criticism. Thank you both so much for the critiques.


Here it is. I think that I am going to submit like this. Thanks all for your comments.

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