God Bless America - Critique

New desing that I made after seeing some graffiti. Would appreciate feedback for it.

This Last one has some text, I wasnt too sure about It but I figured I should show you guys anyways.

Note: I really hope that nobody takes offense to this. Its not meant to slander anything.


Watch this
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I see a lot of designs with bombs, and it being affiliated with peace and patriotism...........what are the concept behind these? im curious! is it mockery? what?


I was looking through some graffiti pictures and came across a similar concept. The idea (at least in my view) behind these is slight mockery but with an honest reason, like a political cartoon. The concept of being in a land of the free yet being at war is slightly contradictory. There is also a film called "God bless america" which kinda shoes what I'm talking about.


Can't really tell what it is trying to get at without the text but I do like the design. Reminds me of watchmen


without the type. and i'd change the blue rectangle of the flag to the upper right corner. not sure it will receive a lot of love, since it is political and kinda negative.

sausage_moe said:

without the type. and i'd change the blue rectangle of the flag to the upper right corner..

so you would prefer it like this? I think its better on the left personally, but what does everybody else think?

Also I am aware of the fact it could do poorly because of the idea, but I still like it.


oksy so im not too sure what to do now, I added this text but im not sure of it, anybody got suggestions?

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I don't like the text. Loose the textt. It doesn't need text.

It might be to political for this website.

I also wouldn't wear it. I know a lot of my hippie friends would wear it though.

Zach Lona

Personally, I love the concept and execution (I would totally wear it), but I don't see your design doing too well in the Threadless setting. But hey, if I were you I'd go for it anyway! One thing though, as others have said, lose the text. It doesn't look that great, especially when the design itself does and gets the message across.

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