Bands that I played in. Please share your band links as well \m/

If I'm married to design then music is my mistress...and she's becoming a little bit jealous these days, hahaha. With that said here are some projects I have been involved in for the past couple of years where I played the bass. I'm sure there's tons of you guys in here who are musicians and play in bands. Please share you links as well so that we can all enjoy some sweet new tunes \m/

MOTHERSHIP (stoner/desert/psychedelic rock)
Mothership - Refill

SKIES OF EMBER (shoegaze/indie/alternative/new wave)
Skies Of Ember - Tribute To Silence

KABAONG (death metal)
Kabaong - Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost cover)

END OF MAN (crossover/thrash)
End Of Man - Discord / Third Factor

KRONOS (heavy/power metal)
Kronos - Thrashing Mad / Independent (Sared Reich cover)

GODDAMN (death metal from Norway, session bass player)
Goddamn - See Me In Hell


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