Advice for first design

I've been a lurker for a very long time and finally decided to try a design.
I call it "The Eye-o-linist"
How does this look? Too many colors? Should I simplify the style?

Any help is most appreciated! Thanks!!

For the record, the original character is not my creation but based upon a model at Blendswap:
which was uploaded by Shados and released under Creative Commons Attribution. It has been heavily modified.

Watch this

I like the design but some of the details need cleaning up. On her hand and shirt mostly, the shading needs to blend with the color a bit smoother.


Thanks! That's one of the things I was concerned about, I don't know if I can use gradients so I was going for a sketchy look.

My original render is here, but Threadless couldn't print it like this, could it? I kind of have to make it more comic-like?


not sure but it looks really good! I'm pretty new around here so I'm not sure what the can print but try some different styles and try to flatten it out. Keep up the awesome work!

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