WIP-Can you tell what is this?

Ok, here's one of my recent ideas i decide to actually make real, but at this point i asked myself if people can get this with no other suggestions like type or symbols that may help. If you get what it's supposed to be, i'd also would like to know if you think is an idea that is worth doing:

For those that cannot get it, here's a link to the image where you could find the name of it (that explain what is it):

click if you don't get it

Watch this
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metal detector?

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oh haha didnt see the link at the bottom.

it's a little out of context right now


I think its a hilarious idea but to take to this design even further to make it even more awesome would be to add a guy or girl into the mix using it as a metal detector if that's what you're going for. :)... i think this has potential to be epic


Yep, might be better, but i'm not that great at drawing full characters, even worse if they have to be realistic. Might try it nonetheless. Thanks for the suggestions.


yeah i think a person would make more sense. you could call it heavy metal detector

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