What am I doing wrong!?

When it comes to designing/preparing artwork for screen printing, what am I doing wrong!?

THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT why does it look so...bad?


That print looks nothing like my actual design

I feel like I'm not doing a good job on translating my designs to Threadless or something because they do such a good job on most prints, but ever since my first design sea foam sea turtle that was printed with much much lighter colors (mainly on the turtle) than the colors in my design. And then my latest design Bienvenido a Miami The shirt colors are way over saturated and lost some texture details from my design.

It must be me/my designs right? HELP!!!

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It's true your designs are particularly vulnerable to differences in colours and shades, and potential loss of detail. The best chance you have of having your print be exactly like your original design is to only ever use completely flat colour with sharp lines. I think though you just have to be realistic with how close to original art t-shirt printing can get and accept that most art will look different on different mediums.

I can't really comment on whether or not it's because you're doing something wrong, but it's probably unlikely.

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BeanePod said:

First world threadless problems. :/

ahahaha I was just waiting for someone to have that response....

but seriously it is a bit disappointing to see finally see your work printed and then it looks different than what you designed and worked on.

The bienvenido design was a siumlated process design so I understand how that one could change so drastically, but the sea foam sea turtle one was like a 3 or 4 color design and it was really just one of those colors that came out very light. And now this latest design "the leader" was also just 3 colors and it came out very very light and washed out.

None of these designs are really bad, its just not how I envisioned them, and its hard to see them any other way.

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BeanePod said:

I was just bein silly :)

But would like to be able to say I know how you feel :/

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