First Design Feedback (Critique)

This my first time going to submit a design and I;m not sure if a pattern like this often gets printed. Any feedback or suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Watch this

I can't see the pic in the thread and I don't know if you guys can so if anyone else knows how i could make it easier to see that would be helpful.


Make sure to use the image url (right click image, copy image url), it must end with an image format extension such as .jpg

Pattern is just one single image copy-pasted and darkened, right? That's too simple, and how do you plan to separate it from the background, with the darkening and all? Impossible I think.

There are pattern tutos on the forum and elsewhere, look for them.


by the way, being printed is not everything in threadless. have fun! i opened your picture in another tab. (the image is huge, save it as a smaller jpg next time) is there a concept behind your pattern? The yellow stars look familiar


Ok I will try to make the design more complex and incorporate some sort of concept. Originally I was just creating a pattern but I like the idea of trying to incorporate the star of david. Thanks for the help Day V and Manupix.

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