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Tribal Bat

Hi, so yesterday I decided to put in my batman design on threadless as an iphone 5 design and a t shirt in black. Now my design is not copy in any other type of way, this came from my thoughts of the batman and my own style of art. When i sent it in i thought I would be waiting for a response in seven day's but I got an email response saying:

Hi there Kush Wright,

Unfortunately, your submission "Tribal Bat" was declined.

Here's why:

Your submission was declined because it contains copyrighted material. Pop-culture inspired designs sometimes have legal issues we would rather not flirt with. Unfortunately, this is the case with your artwork.

We hate declining submissions! We hope you take these decline reasons to heart, use them to rework your submission, and resubmit. We're looking forward to seeing your new and improved design!

Best wishes,
The Threadless Community Team

Now I'm a little ticked off about this because my art work is nothing like that or am I wrong ?
i have seen a few batman art works in here and I understand what they are doing to the hero, it's not to specific but it's based on the subject and so is mine. I dont feel that it needed to be changed at all.

Watch this

some of the symbols look similar perhaps the bat in the middle in particular. As for why there are other batman inspired works accepted and not yours i have no idea. Unfortunately if you want to get it made odds are you will have to modify it or wait until a challenge relating to batman pops up.

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