One second...


I know there was a blog before acknowledging following but it didn't cover this*

How come I unfollowed a lot of people, but when I looked today I'm following a bunch again? I haven't bought shirts since following massacre and I don't think any designs I 5'd got printed either.

  • that I remember.

Watch this

I could hear the heavy breathing behind me! P.S. I like your new sub.


I'm not sure how useful it is to follow me as I don't design, but thanks!

Ryder: no problem pal, not sure why I'm ot following you...

jeffreyg profile pic Staff

sometimes they have to do a quick reset to get things working again I think. it happened to me too.

make sure auto-follow is off


Oh, neat. This is now the THIRD time I've had to unfollow Dick Firestorm.

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