Rainbow Warrior sketch

Here's my rainbow warrior sketch what do you think guys ?

Watch this

Kinda cute! =D Is the sun acting as a shield? If so, it could be bigger.


It looks pretty cool so far.


looks good! love to see more updates!!


Think a little more about cloud shapes, google clouds, I think that will help. Is the bottom of the cloud to be a beard? If it is enhance, if not...? Make it obvious your choices.

biernatt profile pic Alumni

cute indeed :) IMHO I'd look for something cloud / weather related to make the sword - like a lithgning or rain - I'm thinking of what makes a rainbow - it's sun and rain, right?

benjaminleebates said:

How about dark below, and light above. That would add some neat interest...

i'll see how this turns out,but i want to keep it simple :D

soloyo profile pic Alumni

so cute


Nice concept! Also agree you should maintain the simplicity. Since the sun is circular, maybe vary the length of the rays so it hints towards a shield shape? Hope this gets printed :)


i like it =] can't wait to see the finalized version


very nice good work.

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