Do us a solid and check out Michal and his winning Regular Show Design!

  • by jeffreyg
  • posted Sep 18, 2013

Hello Michal! How about a quick introduction?

I'm just a simple man with simple needs that’s searching for an answer of what I want to do in my life. It took me some time to ensure myself that it might be designing.

Out of 343 submissions, Now Clean Up This Mess! cleaned up the competition as one of the grand prize winners! How did you celebrate when you got the notification that you won?

Oh, the time for celebration is yet to come! It would be the nicest to celebrate after showing people my design up for sale :) Maybe I even treat my Threadless account to a thumbnail at last?

As a big Regular Show fan myself, I can't WAIT to own your design. It's packed with references and highlights each character perfectly. Could you do me a solid and share some process photos and explain how you developed this design?

Why, thank you for your kind words. I’ve loved complex and detailed illustration since I was a child, especially when I spent hours gazing in picture books like Where's Waldo? I thought it is general rule in Regular Show scenario to make specific items, often with some out-of-this-world characteristics, a basis of the plot. Almost every time Mordecai and Rigby struggle with some weird antagonist from the other dimension it ends up with park devastation and a huge mess which drives Benson insane. So why not mix these two distinctive Regular Show features and make a huge mess out of the series' finest devices?
It wasn't a minute work, as I didn't have the idea of the right composition at the start. I had to draw every element and character separately and after that put it all together like a jigsaw puzzle right on a t-shirt template.

Out of all the references in your design, which one is your favorite?

It is hard to pick one, I would say I adore all the ‘80s things the most. In Regular Show, music still plays from walkman and boxy cassette ghettoblaster, 8-bit arcade games are still hot (not just ironically or sentimentally cool like in the world of today), movies on VHS are still being rented from video rental shops, party people happen to wear mullets and it gets really serious after tasting ‘80s beverage...

Do you have a favorite character and/or episode?

Before the t-shirt contest, I had only seen a few episodes and I simply liked it. But I generally love cartoons and every time I notice Threadless launch contest with some cartoon as a subject, it motivates me to give the show a try. I started from the very first episode and was hooked. So far my favorite episodes are those featuring Sensai – “Death Punchies” and “Sandwich of Death” (in my opinion the most random plot ideas written for the show so far, and I love RS' randomness). Oh, please excuse me, “Gut Model” with Muscle Man as a pregnant photo model was even more random! That's why it also has a special place in my heart! :)

Which of the characters do you think you relate to the most?

It's really hard to say as I admit to be notorious slacker, seasonal workaholic, I enjoy jolly good shows, plus sometimes I overuse “yeah, I've seen this before” phrase...

You’re from Warsaw, Poland. Is Regular Show a popular show over there? Have you spotted a lot of Threadless shirts there?

I think Regular Show still hasn't gained here attention it deserves, especially in comparison to an also great Adventure Time. But maybe as a childless 30-year-old I just have no idea! :) I occasionally meet people wearing Threadless tees on the streets - one time there was a guy in the same shirt as mine in a club (Polar Gardening by Jean-Sebastien Deheeger). But it could be bigger craze, especially considering how often I'm asked where I got my tees from.

What got you to start submitting designs for Threadless?

I’ve purchased tees from Threadless since I heard of it in 2008. I've always liked the styles and how it promotes artists. So, when I thought I learned how to operate in graphic programs smoothly enough, it was a natural move for me to try. I don’t submit too often, so when I won the first contest after only 2 or 3 submissions I was very surprised, but it motivated me to try whenever I see a chance for myself.

As an artist, how does it feel to be able to share your art with the rest of the world?

The internet is a blessing for a designer - why have I discovered it so late? I'd never have the opportunity to feel this great without it.

Any last words or shout outs?

Nah, I'm done ;) Thanks Threadless for putting me in a good mood!

You can pick up Now Clean Up This Mess! and the other winning designs in the Regular Show Collection!

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Congrats, Michal! Great pick for the win, this is awesome.



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