BEHOLD! The winner of the Bravest Warriors challenge, Stacy Eyles!

  • by jeffreyg
  • posted Sep 18, 2013

HI STACY! How about an introduction? Who are you and what's a typical day like for you?

My name is Stacy, I live in the latest Zealand, and a typical day for me would be something like this..
5:45am - Wake to an alarm

5:46am - Sleep

6:00am - Wake to a second alarm

6:03am - Fight sleep

6:15am - Wake to a third alarm

6:18am - get up

7:00am - Do something

9:00pm - Youtube

12:30am - Sleep

*Eating and talking takes place in there somewhere

Congratulations on your Bravest Warriors challenge win with your amazing design, Impossibear! What was your inspiration for this? Can you share some process photos with us?

Thank you! I can't tell you how excited I was when I found out I had won! It was VERY exciting! I guess I can tell you how excited I was...Very. Funnily enough, I was inspired by this show on the Frederator channel, it's called Bravest Warriors, and it's from Pendleton Ward (The Adventure Time guy), you can go watch it on the internet right now. (..I'll wait.)

Here's some process shots of Impossibear.

What’s your favorite Bravest Warriors episode and who’s your favorite character?

I love Bravest Warriors - it's the goodness of Adventure Time, with sci-fi themes and is quicker to employ absurdity and a non sequitur or twelve. I'm big into the comic as well, and it certainly provides some good back story and side story to the universe.

My favourite episode is Memory Donk, where the guys are on board a speeding bus, and no one remembers anything. It reminds me of the type of storyline that would show up in Red Dwarf, or that movie Speed, starring Alan Ruck. My favourite character is The Emotion Lord, just because he's an entirely new layer of absurdity. Also, Jelly Kid is a very close second.

What's it like to be able to design for a show that you're a fan of?

It's the best! Threadless has provided me with the avenue to design for one of my favourite bands (check out Stacy’s design for The Flaming Lips), and now, one of my favourite shows! So thanks, Threadless!

What made you decide to go the realistic illustration route rather than keeping the cartoony look of Impossibear?

He sits in the background of these people’s lives, a rainbow coloured bear, enthralled with a stick, and nobody pays him much thought at all ..If he were in our lives, he'd capture EVERYONE'S attention! So I decided to bring him over to our side and get him some of that fame he deserves.

So let’s say Impossibear actually existed IN REAL LIFE - how would you react if you came in contact with it?

My fight or fight response would kick in (I lack the flight part of instinct) and would more than likely throw the first punch. I'd hopefully get the chance to try something I've been designing in my spare time, where I weld a boot to a glove and put them on, so every time I kick, a punch comes with it, and every time I punch, a kick occurs. And then there's the devastating Haymaker/Roundhouse.

If you gained x-ray vision from a Gas Powered Stick, how would you put your powers to use?

I would most likely just ruin magicians' days, go blindbox shopping or finally get my money back from Three card Montgomery.

This is your 5th print on Threadless, and your style ranges from 16-bit to mixed media, to detailed illustration - how do you define your style?

My style? I try to keep it malleable and design to the content or message. I do try to keep a spirit about it, having my style be more of an undertone, rather than something easily identifiable, as a line-weight might or hatching or how I use colour... what a boring nerd would say, but, I would say my style is like if a lightning-sword made hard passionate love to a laser-sword, in a kayak at summer camp.

Do you have any plans for your winnings?

I'll probably just buy a bunch of Jewels or Pizzabeers.

Any last words or shout outs?

Thanks to those that believed in me, we did this together!
Thank you to those who said it could never be done, proving you wrong was the greatest part of this whole thing.

also, Thanks Obama! (non-ironic)

You can pick up Stacy’s Impossibear and the rest of the winnings designs in the Bravest Warriors Collection!

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TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Go Stacy! :-D You're the best around~


I really wish Jeff wouldn't have cropped your process photo. He's so modest.

Oh, and yay, Stacy!


neat! who's stacey? and does he taste good?

blackhand_ profile pic Alumni

Congratulations, Stacy. More power to the roboots.

ellygeh profile pic Alumni

YESSS So glad this one is the winner! Congrats man!

fightstacy profile pic Alumni

I want to thank every dude, thank you dudes.

P.S. I would have supplied proper process shots, but I've misplaced/deleted the original PSD

fightstacy profile pic Alumni
karaed said:

I really wish Jeff wouldn't have cropped your process photo. He's so modest.

Oh, and yay, Stacy!

Glad someone got the full picture!

Oh, and thanks!


Congrats! Your process is so full of win! :''')

melmike profile pic Alumni

How have I never seen this design before. I have no idea what this show is, coz, you know... I'm a grown man... but I'm gonna buy the shit outta this shirt.

Congrats on the win!

fightstacy profile pic Alumni
johnnypeter3535 said:

Congrats! Id wear the shit outta this!

Good! cause it comes with approx.3.5lbs of it

scottishjen profile pic Alumni

Looking forward to ordering mine today. Great work.

Underdawg profile pic Alumni

As someone who's never seen this show, I don't understand what I'm looking at and yet it doesn't matter!. The execution of this design is top notch. Took some serious skill to make this and a well deserved victory. Look forward to seeing more of your awesome work. Congrats!

WanderingBert profile pic Alumni

Love the way you applied the "finish design" filter to this. I can never get the settings right when i try to use it.

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