WIP Need crit & title suggestions please

All input welcome!

Watch this
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accidentally double posted sorry :(

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edit - quadra posted -_-, lessn learned, don't submit threads from school...


lol what the heck is going on over there. sticky fingers!

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Sorry about the mass thread posts dudes! Thanks goliath!

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Diamonds have carats? and carrots??

melmike said:

you don't hear this often, but this needs some text.

Thomas Orrow
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Yes, a speech bubble or two would work.

Is it me, or do the arms look a little long? I think the carrot could be a bit more orange, taller and thinner and the diamond could be a bit wider. Stick with it though, I like where it's heading.

*Feel free to ignore anything I said.

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Thanks everyone! The idea is just a carrot and a karat diamond saying hey...any more ideas?

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benjaminleebates said:

Like comparing karats?

Sort of I suppose, I'm just trying to have them be buddies but its harder than I thought ... idk if or what I should make them say anything

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I think some text or something to clarify the concept might help, or maybe Im just dense and it took me a minute to figure it out.


A Couple of Caraters

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