A few days left! Critiques and votes are appreciated :)

Watch this

sorry... i already voted them highly. can't help you there. no critiques from me either. i'm too new to this stuff. good luck!


Voted them both 5$.

The first design reminds me of the avatar. I see first, that bright white light that looked like an egg. Half of his face is destroyed (symbolizing death)(skull-like). Try putting more emotion and exaggerated more.

The second design has fun elements on them and facial expression. You can exaggerate more the facial expression of that apple. Need to make the main elements pop more by adding more contrast, currently some of your elements are slightly swallowed by the background color. The tip of the tongue is dripping wet, while the other parts of the tongue is dry. Exaggerated the apple's sweat.


I mean exaggerate not exaggerated. oO Honest mistake. ^^!

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