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2 days left! movie subs +++UPDATED!+++

sometimes i make music...i released this song a while ago called "New Wave Laser Cats"

New Wave Laser Cats - grab the song for free if you want

and then i designed a shirt...subbed it here:

alas Threadless was not the one to print it...
i had been meaning to do a sequel to the shirt, and well, my wife suggested recording a song to go with i did both for this contest.
and here's the design to go with the song:

i think this sequel is better than the original...
here's the score link
and i also did this...

My italian style knock-off of Star-Wars type space fantasy films remastered from an earlier version i did so very long ago...shinier, more glow and other slight is the special edition.
you can vote for it here
++++ UPDATE!++++
new designs...GHOST BROS! also has a song!

[vote for Ghost bros]10
[grab the song here]11

[vote for '6 tons of six guns']13
here's the song for '6 tons of six guns'

aww just grab the whole album!

Watch this
r.o.b.o.t.i.c.octopus profile pic Alumni

the entire album!!!!!!!

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

These are all crazy good!!! The cats sequel is unreal!


That's pure awesomeness right here!


These are really really great. jelly

chuckpcomics profile pic Alumni

tasty lick dude! my mind was just blown! and your movie subs are beast! id love to see a process blog!

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