Movember preparation.

So each year when November the first rolls around I panic and try to grow the best upper lip hair I possibly can. Year in year out I grow my usual pathetic pubescent caterpillar and fell like a mug. This year I am proposing to start early so that I can twirl my fingers rakishly through my walrus bristles and adjust my monocle in a manner that would reduce any lady to smelling salts. If anyone else fancies climbing about the 13:00 Moustachio to Awesomeville then all aboard and make your mark below.

This year I'm starting on October the 1st and finishing on November the 30th.

Annie and Twiggy feel free to join in.

Watch this

your stache prob looks like pubes

and tom hanks' stache is awful

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Are you going to post noodz so we can keep up with your progress?


since his stache looks like pubes, it only makes sense to post his noodz

macdoodle profile pic Alumni

I'd like a mustache like this stud... ...unfortunately it ends up looking like this young lady.

FoodStampDavis profile pic Alumni

Used to do Mustache May at work years ago. It's crazy how having one changes your personality. It was like this barrier between me and the real world that safely let me fly my inner creep flag.

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

We're going to need some progress pics

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

I'm jealous of everyone that can grow decent looking facial hair.

Wharton profile pic Alumni

I don't want to do this alone, I need man based back up. Just think of the hairy glory awaiting us! Anyone?

nickv47 profile pic Alumni

i could whip one up pretty fast, i'd rather don a beard though. tentative "in".


oh snap! Just saw my invite

ask and ye shall receive...

or candy-caned stache for the holidays, if you like...

I probably have about a million more but I'll spare you all :)

Underdawg profile pic Alumni

Pre-season Movember preparation? Ha luv it. Nice strategy!


i hate mustaches. gross mannnn

Morkki profile pic Alumni
P0ckets said:
Morkki said:

Can't I just grow pubes?

I don't know man, ask your doctor

My mom says I'm a late bloomer

Morkki said:
P0ckets said:
Morkki said:

Can't I just grow pubes?

I don't know man, ask your doctor

My mom says I'm a late bloomer

i thought that said 'late boner'

i'm still sleeping.

Morkki said:

Shut up mom, you're embarrassing me again!

sorry. bring me my happy pills, please?

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