How do you achieve this kind of shading?


I think it is a texture then he just erased what he wanted to lighten.. but I wanted to be sure so.
Help please.. :)

Watch this

Yeah looks like texture then erased with a brush.


Not sure if that's the same way as the picture you posted but it also looks cool and it's a custom made brush :) in the vid i linked ya which the guy shows you how to make!


Thanks for all of your replies.. Yep it could be a stipple brush.. Been testing it. Just used stipple brush.. It could work but not as neat as those.. but still I think it's a texture though.

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sorry this is the link discription: Impressive Watercolor Splatter Effect Tutorial


Wow.. It's really similar. THANKS LIFEFORM! :)... By the way.. Do you know a great watercolor brush set that I can download?

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