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This design isn't done yet, but I wanted to see if the community likes where it is going. I going to do more rendering and changing some colors, but this is the basic idea: a cyclist is leaving his home in the city to join his sweetheart in the country. The wheels of the bike are GPS destination points. I'm going to rework the smoke coming out of the cup to be more elaborate. Thanks for any help!


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hello mike.. cute idea... At first glance i though that he was like irish scottish... you could give him a kilt? It appears as if he's floating biking in the air what if you dropped the destinations points down lowering them... to give this piece more sense of depth. Another suggestion is you could make the gps wheels look like hot air balloons. The yellow on his elbows look weird. These are just some suggestions i like your idea looking forward to updates. :)

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The yellow is a mistake, those should be the same color as the other hand. I'll do more to ground the whole design. Thanks for your feedback!


Love it. One idea is to give the destination point/wheel a subtle 'heart notch' at the top. I'll check this out again when I'm at my computer.


Also, maybe a small bouquet of flowers somewhere? Just a thought. :)

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Great feedback. Would the heart notches hurt the destination points being read as that? I'll definitely add the flowers! Thanks


Honestly, I think that even if you notch out a teensy inverted triangle at the top, it would convey the symbolism. But you should see what others have to say about it before you decide. Haha


I like it! Great style.. I'm not a huge fan of "destination points" in designs, but you made me a fan! As for the heart notches, try it just to see how it looks? If it looks weird, change it back.


Ya, maybe just try a notch in the red one, since that's when they'll be together. :)


Really nice!! The man/bike looks perfect...My only suggestion will be adding more character to the 'country' landscape - minimally done farms or a tiny forest! It'll balance the 'city' side visually and add to the contrast. (loved the way the architecture has been drawn!) Good-luck.

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I really like this, your style is really sweet and I like the concept. The architecture is looking good and your style is nice.

Criticisms: I think theres too many colours going on, I think perhaps if you restricted the palette the image would look less busy on the eyes. At the moment I think theres a lot of colours and textures going on.

I'm not really sure about the relevance of him drinking a cup of coffee, not sure it adds to the scene or the concept, perhaps he could be doing something to with cycling/ traveling or romance.

I'm not sure if you need to have the 'sweetheart' part of the concept, its hard to convey he's going to see someone unless theres a lady figure coming out of the house or made form smoke out of the chimney or something.


I like the idea! Really cool. The thing I noticed most was that there are a lot of different textures and texture density. I think the town underneath could stand to be a little larger too.


Honestly I thought the waypoints were balloons. Maybe the smoke from the cup of Jo should spell out TOM TOM or something. If not, you should taper that spoke towards a point towards the end instead of fading it out. The gradient doesn't really match with the rest of the design. As far as the story, there is nothing that represents love or hints to the idea that his sweetheart is waiting for him in the current design. So if that element is important I would find a way of representing that to make it more obvious. Other than that, the style of artwork is great. Can't wait to see what you do with the smoke.

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After agreeing this is a great concept and idea I do think that there is a lot of color though i think if you kind of limit colors vould make idea little bit stronger that without a cousin kind of feel like there's too much going on Really liking our wish you the best I'll be back to see what's going on good luck

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I though they were balloons too. I wonder if it would help if you put large black circles in the middle of the markers like in Google Maps icons. Or maybe even A and B?

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But I have to say that I really appreciate a correctly illustrated bicycle. Well done! The only thing missing are fender struts ;)

waldy chavez

Very nice illustration, i get your point/concept. The only thing i suggest what if the line of the destination from green to red is dashed lines? I like to see this on a shirt.


FYI, I didn't read through the other suggestions. My suggestions are at first impulse, which is where I believe some of the best critiques come from, because that is where the average voters votes from... So, it's clever, but the bike it far to dissimilar in style from, well, everything else. Perhaps flatten it, too much volume? At first I thought the wheels were balloons, then I am now thinking they are those "you are here" balloons from maps. I think the two combined, while clever, causes the viewer too many conflicts. Is the bike floating with balloon tires? Are the balloons to be icons, and the string his route? I think if you chose one it would be strong enough, but using both is a bit strenuous.

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I've done some edits on making the waypoints more recognizable, increasing the love story, reducing some of the colors/complexity and adding some shading. Any opinion on which one works the best? I guess I like the first 2 the best. Thanks again everyone for looking and helping me!

El Jazz

Excellent work, definitely the second proposal, this because i think letters are perfectly incorporated as part of the bike, and don't remove it hierarchy to the composition, particularly i liked with tea cup, 'cause there's visual weights balance. Great design highly refined.

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I think the 3th one works best. The shape of the points. I don't think a and b are needed to get the picture. I also like the small line more. The picnicbasket? on the back could use some detail, it's a weird blob now :)

Love it, by the way.


I have a preference for the non-black thick "route" line (the 2nd in your series of 4 above). That said, the illustration and craft here are exquisite. Really wonderful work.

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I like the thicker blue line as well, but this has turned out so beautifully! Excellent work!

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