London/ UK friends! I need tips and recommendations!

Hey everyone, especially those living in or familiar with the London area - I'm getting married next weekend and my bride and I are traveling to London for our honeymoon in 2 weeks. We only have a few things planned, so I need tips and recommendations for things to do, places to eat, day trips, whatever. We are there for 8 days and we are staying in the Soho area. We are pretty much up for anything and want to make the most of our time there. Thanks bros!

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HI there, if you are looking for some interesting art based ideas, then the Shoreditch area of London has some cool art galleries and stuff there and of course the Covent Garden area is not to be missed as it is very lively there :-)

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Where to start, near Soho.

Paramount bar on Oxford street at the top of a 30 odd story building (a bit like the prudential building in Boston) Paramount

British Museum - Home of the Rosetta stone and loads of other stolen foreign antiquities: British Museum

St Martins in the Field just off Trafalga Square is home to lots of classical recitals St Martins

If you walk to Big Ben in Westminster you can walk along the south bank (South Bank) of the Thames and see a lot of the London sites all the way to St Pauls Cathedral and Tate Britain and the Shakespeares Globe (you can catch tickets to the globe for about £5 each Globe Theatre)

If you head down to Horse guards parade (Ithink any day of the week) you can watch the two different horse guards ceremoniously change duty with all their formal armour and pomp Guards and then just down Pall mall (very close) you can walk down to see Buckingham Palace and see the ruthless undead overlord of the UK in residency Buck Palace.

Further away you can see this junk:

Theres a cable car that runs from 'Victoria docks' DLR station to North Greenwich over the Thames. It has great views and is pretty cool. Cable cars From here you can catch a bus to Greenwich which is beautiful and home to the origin of time and space (the Meridian line where all watchs take their cue from and is 00 point on the world map at night they fire a giant laser across the sky to mark the meridian line). Greenwich observatory.

If you want to wander around trendy and hipsterish areas then head to shoreditch Shoreditch, Spitalfields Spitalfields and Brickklane Brick lane. Just across the road fromspitalfields you can go on Jack the ripper tours and visit al the scenes of his various murders (theres also a pub called 'The Ten Bells' which he is reputed to have drank in). Ripper tours.


Dine in the dark with blind waiters Dans le noir OXO tower

I'm sure there will be tons of less obvious things suggested, but these are all the ones I could think of right now.

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Awesome, thanks Wharton! That's a great list to start with. Would anyone recommend taking the Eurostar out of the city for a day? Is it worth it?

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congrats :) I'm no Londoner but I did explore the place a few times and here are my favorites:

  • National Portrait Gallery cool location and free entrance!!!
  • Fortnum & Mason near Piccadilly, to buy the finest teas and chocolates and jams and delicacies on the planet, pretty much
  • Eurostar can take you to Paris which is pretty awesome, my favorite place there is the Pere Lachaise cemetery but Laduree sweet shop is also nice.
  • In London I love Kew Gardens, they're not really close to anything but so beautiful
  • finally don't plan too much, some of your time will be well spent just roaming around. You're located in a great area so just wander around aimlessly and you're bound to come up on someplace awesome.
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I'm also a great fan of Tate Modern. Brilliant lemon pie and great magnets in the gift shop.

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