Hi everyone!
What do you think about this elephant? Help me with some comments! Thank you!

Watch this

Again, the text seems a bit redundant. I think most people know what this is. But I think there is some great potential here! What if you turned the brown circle in to something like an Africa sun? I feel like you could do something cool with the outline of the elephant superimposed on the sun. I would remove all the shading on the elephant and work with creating depth with detailed line work. Keep up the good work!


Good concept. I like the above mentioned idea of the sun replacing the words. Perhaps adding more detail to the elephant or making it more realistic as well. I would also try the trunk in between the tusks just to see how it would look. I like the color choice and, depending on the t color, would keep them the same.

El Jazz

The composition idea is good, may be the text coulde be incorporated with the background avoiding to be redundant, you coul use it as landscape, respect to the illustration only emphasize in some strokes this would reduce the monotony and support to rank strokes.

I really appreciate that you expose your work, i can see your interest for be better, potencial exists.


Hi! I've tried to improve it following your suggestions. Now, what do you think? :-)


You know...the elephant, log, and bird look too busy and a little odd compared to the style of the sun in the background (I think because the foreground items have the black outline but the sun doesn't) I really like the style of the sun, but I think you need more detail on the elephant and lose the tree...the bird looks like a tropical parrot and seems out of context...sorry that's just my initial impression


use the same size of circle for the sun like in your first design, and look up on google or youtube wich little birds you can find on elephants :) i think the person above meant a little bird on his head that is there to eat parasites and it's a small detail that can makes the difference

if u make other figures like the BIG log and the BIG bird, the attention is moving away from the elephant ... and that should be and stay your centerpiece of this artwork

it's a nice looking elephant don't give this design up :) it's nice to see something like this and i'm only trying to help you ...

look up what you can find in africa ... a sunset or sunfall, special tree's the little bird ... good luck

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