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Um, this is a racist caricature and I really hope you remove it from print...

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Sweet. looks super shiny on the tee. Is it printed with foil?


So, exactly which Indigenous North American culture's "Tradition" is being represented here? None that I recognise. Or did you just make something up that suited your needs while simplifying and using a complex and still oppressed population in the process. Indigenous people and cultures (yes, plural and very diverse) aren't relics of an imagined past to be stupidly and stereotypically used as symbolism by blissfully misinformed non-Indigenous people who claim to be respectful while remaining purposely ignorant and inactive about the realities facing many Indigenous people today, but choose instead to perpetuate a dehumanising fantasy. Passive racism like this is still racism and it still hurts.


How is it racist? I grew up in Oklahoma and at Native American events, I went to with my friends who are NA, we would dress up just like this. It's part of the culture and it's not a unrealistic representation of the dress.


I only clicked on this shirt's full page to see the comments. I was curious if there were reactions similar to mine. Thanks, tulipsina & ainothefinn; I totally agree. I have to admit, it was a pleasant relief to see that others voiced insightful comments. Indeed, there is a "Tradition" being sold here: the tradition of appropriating Indian-ness; the consumption of the generic Indian. (The classic generic Indian - a male adorned with generic Plains warrior attire...generic feathers; imposed & imagined cultural meaning).

Oh, there is definitely a long, lucrative historical tradition going on here.

Yes, art is subjective. And I found both the content and context of this design gross, ignorant, and foolish.

Do I think I'm making a comment anyone will take seriously? Nah. History and a google search tell me otherwise. There are plenty of generic American Indian-themed (aka "inspired") things for sale. Fashion shows, jewelry, home decor items, sports team paraphernalia, and vintage salt and pepper shakers; the collective memory of a dead Indian chief is marketable. That's the real tradition.


What is it with hipsters and Native American headdresses? Geez, I can see why this one was on clearance. :$


This is a lovely drawing, but what tradition is it signifying? The backward, disgusting tradition of American Indian subjugation of women? Or is it simply honoring the beauty of a headdress that is dying as a nation loses its children to outside influences? If it is the second, rock on! I really feel sad for tales of the Navajo people who find that many of their children no longer understand their grandparents or even know the traditions and legends that once directed and led their people.


Comments here are simply ignorant. They only see the negative in the design, because they want to. This is a shirt and design in tradition of the Native American woman, expressing her beauty. It is also in good respect of the Native American culture in which the headdress is part of. This isn't "passive racism" you morons, it is art. And I happen to have Cherokee Indian me. If you're going to accuse someone of being racist for an art design at least be able to support your claims with clear reasoning. Nice shirt and design by the way. Someone one makes a rude and ignorant statement, and then everyone jumps on the hate bandwagon.

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