Penny Farthing Model Kit - help with design please

Have had this design declined, the first time threadless queried my font, which i thought was probably a valid comment, so i changed it. But they still don't love it. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Keep it simple. Drop out the dude and the bike and the villain kit in front.

Also, do you have a mockup on a tee? What color are you thinking?

Finally, realize that Threadless has already printed a very similar design. If you expect decent feedback from the citizens of Threadless, you might have to find something else that makes your design different.

melmike profile pic Alumni

If you want my honest opinion (I'm not sure you do, but here it is anyway), even if you got the artwork up to scratch, the concept is so old hat I'd probably never give it more than 3 just for that. Sounds like you've been rejected twice on this one, maybe it's time to move onto a new idea.


I agree with melmike.. If it didnt work the 1st or 2nd why would the 3rd? Like gyle posted something along the concept that you posted was already done. Try something new and be creative c: or if you think you're idea is a true original and feel its solid always make sure that no one has done it before :)


no idea, i love it. maybe the moustaches are too small to be visible on a t-shirt?

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