I got inspired while I was eating watching Breaking Bad...

It made me do things I never tried before, like this thing I subbed today:

I call it the Heinsenberger.

Watch this

hahahahaha awesome!!

and I realized I cannot eat while watching BB...I am way too squeamish :)

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Much appreciated everyone... was a good time spent :^)

I also looove eating while watching it, I found it as the only cure for the self cannibalism that start with the nervous nail biting... A man has a limited amount of nails you know?

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Haha thanks!

And for the Coca- Cola question... Yes! I mean No! I mean Coca Cola Yes! Mexican Coca Cola, which for me is normal Coca Cola because here they still use sugar.

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What foodstamp said.

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It's up!!! and with almost 70 comments already!! Wow what a nice surprise.

Thanks guys, best birthday gift ever.


Looks Great!! I dont get it though. :]

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