On average, how many scores usually ones get after 7 days?

How many scores do I need to expect after 7 days?

Watch this

and no. i won't promote you.


Dang, 2 people have voted you 1's because of overposting. tsk tsk!


dude, you just have to chill out a little or else you're gonna irritate people with incessant pestering. it's cool to self-promote in a blog like this, but one blog will suffice.

just comment in it occasionally and if people are interested, they'll check it out.

right now, you can't delete your other blogs, so i would suggest editing the original blog text to some sort of interesting topic about your hobbies or a funny anecdote or magical household cleaning tips. haah

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Musarter said:

You already have a promotion blog. I would suggest not making anymore. Some people may down vote your design if you over promote your design; it is uncouth to bung up the forum with too much promotion.

Posted on the other promo blog 15 minutes before this blog posted. You try to help:


i don't downvote, but i do give 1's liberally. THIS is a 1 at best.


Thanks for your suggestion. This is my first submission. Your recommendations really help.

Thomas Orrow
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Don't worry I'm pretty sure that I did that with my first few subs. I mean, it's not good to overdo the self promoting or spam anybody, but I can understand how you'll be excited.

If you're really serious about promoting your work, it's probably better to do that on external sites like tumblr, facebook etc.

Good luck, I'm going to give it a 4.

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To clarify, I'd already voted 1 on this. It wasn't coz I was annoyed by the spamming, though that certainly was my impetus for saying that I had.

Thomas Orrow
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Yep. it's a free country.....er website.

I give plenty of 1's if I think it's not up to scratch. I don't know why some people think that it's verboten to score designs a 1.

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Your submission is up for votes for 7 days after that voting ends. Threfore you shouldn't expect any votes after the 7 days. Before that, yes, after; no.

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