So Long, Old World: Girly Slub Long Sleeve Dress

So Long, Old World: Girly Slub Long Sleeve Dress

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man if that was just a little bit longer I'd so be buying it right now!!! But that hem is awful high.


What is the length on the dress?


Oh man this is my favorite shirt! It's so comfortable and the hem isn't high at all. Of course I'm 5'1, but it's just a few inches above my knee. c:


I'm 5'5" — the dress starts at a mid-thigh length but has a tendency to scoot up during the day. And I even went a size up but the sleeves are weirdly tight in the upper arms. I don't have abnormally large biceps or anything, ha.


So cute, but this dress (and other Select) definitely run small!!! "Regular fit" should be "slim fit" in the description. I'm a medium in everything, and even some designers a small in dresses, but my cheeks peek out of the medium at certain angles. Black tights are a must. Go a size up!


I love the design and it works wonderfully as a dress but whoa the sizing is weird. I'm a little taller than 5'6" and have a slim build, but the small (which I normally wear no problem) was bizarrely constricting in the arms. Super tight through the shoulder and arms. Fine elsewhere, though. And I think it's a little short to wear on its own or with sheer tights, but with leggings it's perfect. Exchanging it for a medium so I can move my arms. Otherwise, quality of the dress seems great.

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