stock vectors ??

Does every one have a good stock of vectors that they use when designing ??? I think I need to get a few together to help me with some designs. any tips ??

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Using stock vectors to do your tee design work? I'd advise against it, as it is frowned upon. And it will most probably look like stock vector art (because it is), which is a bad thing.

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Make your own. It will make you a better artist and when the day comes that someone hasn't already designed what you want to use, you will be equipped to make it yourself.


a drawing pad and the paintbrush tool are my best friends when it comes to creating something that might appear stock... I hate stock images. If it looks stock, it gets a downvote immediately IMHO.

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never use stock vectors if you don't want this to happen to you.


yeah I see your point, didn't want to use in the main designs but use them as more of a guide. I will work harder on designing


Just keep working on perfecting your own skills and use other people's designs only as artistic reference for styles you could incorporate into your own. The more you practice, the better you will get!


Thanks snarfums, Think I need to find my style, im making my designs to complicated at the moment, got to understand how it will look when finally printed. voted for your design. nice!

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