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[Critique] I would love to hear your opinion!

Hey there!

So yeah, I've been working on a little something something, playing with some Lego snakes, and out came a design idea. As I want it to be perfect before I submit it, here I am, asking you to judge it!

It's called "Boa Constructor"! What'cha think?

Watch this
karloz2015 ve muy original.....salu2


Gracias Karloz!


It's really hard to determine if it is a lego or not.. maybe you could make more lego like look so people will easily understand what it is


Thanks guys, I've found my more straight-lined lego-like designs to be too static and boring... I'll fiddle around with it some more and post a new one!


Hey there, Thanks for waiting, you guys! Unfortunately I have only so little time to work on my projects... :(

But nonetheless I didn't give up and have cooked up something new, a slightly different recipe, so to speak. More happy bright colors added to the mix! What do you guys think?

El Jazz

I agree, your work has been grow up from the begining, contrast make it more attractive. Good Luck. If anyone wants to increase your score i share this link: We can correspond to your score

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