Need some critiques / tips for a project

i'm working on a new design, the most has been done but i want to hear your impressions / tips / critiques in manner to improve my work!

thanks for the answers! :)

here's the work

Watch this
kzjl profile pic Alumni

Maybe try to put the galaxy around the pencil then make the text more on erased style font since the pencil's butt making the text, your concept is good. =)


Looks somewhat static, maybe because the drippings are perpendicular to the rocket. Also lose the text, or at the very least draw it! No font!


So far it's a solid design, but there are a few things I would change. The black fins on the rocket I would change to yellow. also I'd streak the erased section backwards to give a sense of motion (manupix pointed this out as well).

Best of luck, and keep on the design!

chuckpcomics profile pic Alumni

the galaxy should be behind the pencil not the eraser, also work on the font, but really good design

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