Lion King Submission

Feedback would be great :) Submitted this version, not up for voting yet.

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chuckpcomics profile pic Alumni

I think it would have been best if you had asked for feedback before you submitted, but I like it although some of the characters look like you turned the opacity down, I also would have added shadows, but great art and composition!


Cool stuff! Yeah the opacity can be a turn off. Like the opacity of the father lions mane on the little girl lions face...ugh..wish i remembered their names.

kzjl profile pic Alumni

awesome entry! =) too bad you have adjusted the opacity.


I meant to have shapes overlap/blend through, it was intentional ;)

kzjl profile pic Alumni

yeah, but the style of your work is not cubism so looking at it will just give me an impression that you have adjusted the opacity to have some effects. Maybe it will work if you compress them more.. don't leave some blank space inside of it.


shoot, well ill play around with it and maybe get the opportunity to re-submit if I like it better. Thank you :)


Well it's up for scoring now :) Didn't get a chance to change anything but happy with what I sent it, I think the cutaways work. Now it's up to the lovely people :)



I like the clean style and color, good job with that :) Although the spacing could be a little tighter in some spots, and less crowding in others.

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