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Old School Tattoo

I think it's about time for my first tattoo... and I'd love to get some help from real tattoo artists.
I really love the old school style, and I was thinking on creating something like a monogram.
Any advice? Any reference? Any help?

Finally I have sketched something based on the style I like... any suggestions?
Letters goes for my wife and kids.

I finally did it, this is how it ended up. I´m pretty happy with it!

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I'm not a tattoo artist but more of a fan so maybe I can help you a little, but most of your questions depend on what you like, old school is probably one of the easiest styles because most tattoo artist (at least the good ones) have some experience on it, also the design part it's usually better to work hand to hand with them in the design if you don't have something in mind or because you are good designing make something that you like and then go and discuss with them how would it work...


Si aún no sabes dónde tatuarte puedo recomendarte un lugar... bah que se yo es bastante famoso pero igual, American Tattoo, no el que queda en la galería que es bastante berreta si no el otro que esta encima de una butique.

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Gracias Iván!

I think I would like an old school anchor, like Sailor Jerry style... including my wife and kids initials... anybody that masters that style could help?

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