Oh my ganache, Threadcakes has returned!

  • by KyleGeib
  • posted Sep 06, 2013

Let’s admit it, we love all forms of cake. Angel food cake, Devil’s food cake, bundt cake, birthday cake, urinal cakes… OK, so maybe not every form of cake, but you get the idea. Well, we’re happy to announce that this year’s annual Threadcakes competition is past the preheating stage and has officially kicked off!

Every year since 2007, talented bakers have slaved away in the kitchen to combine their love of dessert and Threadless into some outstanding looking (and tasting) confections. Open to both 2D and 3D submissions, Threadcakes competitors bring your favorite Threadless designs to life… so you can eat them!

Check out last year’s 2D and 3D winners:

Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Threadcake by Lauren Babis (design by Chris Gerringer)

Hooded Threadcake by Elizabeth Marek (design by Diego Fernandez)

There are already some impressive cakes up in this year’s competition, so dig in! Keep an eye (and sweet tooth) on this year’s Threadcakes to see how this round pans out!

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macdoodle profile pic Alumni

Awesome! I love seeing what these artistic bakers come up with!

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

Can't wait to see the entries!

kzjl profile pic Alumni



I love looking at these elaborate cakes and thinking to myself, "HOW IS THIS FOOD?!"

kzjl profile pic Alumni

why don't you guys make a sculpture competitions too, that would totally be awesome.. specially there is so many talented artist joining threadless.

gebe profile pic Alumni

This is fantastic, but... Am I the only one who doesn't like to eat this kind of cakes?


holy moley

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