Balloon fall in love with a badass Cactus

Hey guys!

I'd like to know feedback what I should to do better on my 'POP IT' design. Please help, your thoughts and constructive criticism is very appreciated. Thanks!


Watch this

The cactus isn't complete without the spikes. and I am not feeling that "XOXO"


With a few spikes I tried to highlight 'badass parts' but you're probably right.


Maybe you could try to put more spikes to highlight the badass parts. I liked how in the firs picture it looked like it had chest hair.

Also, I think the image looks too plain, maybe working with a little halftone or texture could help.

Good luck!


I think it would look great with a landscape in the background


The balloon should be red! Just kidding. Do you need all the cactus and all the balloon, what if it was close up like pictures from a photo booth? Think of the covers of harlequin novels, then your message would come across better!


My today's effort. Do you still think it needs halftone or texture? Or another idea?


...and version of the covers of Harlequin novels.


I'm not sure with the background, what you think?

Here is more detailed pic:


hm I would prefer the one with the smaller text..


hm I would prefer the one with the smaller text..


I'd recommend putting textures on it. And make the text small like the original or just replace it with the original. And the original spikes are better than the second spikes. :D

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