Rough doodle - subbed

If the sketch is too shit, it's a pencil in the shape of a question mark. Thanks.

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Me neither. I love pencil designs, do it!


well not here but if you google pencil question mark it shows up, if that matters to you

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quick-brown-fox said:

Funny you should say that, but when I did my even crappier sketch I thought the eraser would make a better dot.

Here it is so far - but thicker lines.

kinda what i figured....makes total sense :)

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random idea: broken pencil tip and have the eraser broken off as well so it makes the dot on the "?". This would enhance the idea of confusion that the question mark implies.

I always hated when the eraser would just break off of a new pencil. Had some pretty cheap pencils in college once.

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In high school, I used to impress my mates in art class by breaking as many pencils as I could on my forehead. These were good quality colour pencils, though I never could manage to break Derwents, they were too thick. God teenagers are stupid.

Yes, I know...

Oh, and I like your pencil QBF, definitely never seen it before

Thomas Orrow
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I like the vectorised version a lot!

I might have seen a similar thing before, but if you thought it up independently-go for it.

Be careful with the colours, tesco Dan did that famous pencil design in yellow.

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after seeing the "teaser" i'm looking forward to seeing the finished piece for sure

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Cheers guys - I forgot about that Tom. It's all subbed up - I posted this on Facebook. I've gone for cmyk and following Alex's tutorial this week, I've had a play with half tones.

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