Getting to Know Everyone

Hi, all

Just thought I'd make a post here to get to know everyone. I have been a member for a while, but just recently found the time to try to get involved again. Seems like the only way to stand a chance of getting promoted and noticed is to be a part of the community and have a following anyway, so two birds with one stone XD...but anywho, just looking to meet people and see some of their amazing artwork. I, myself, am not the most talented at digital manipulation, so even if my designs don't get printed, I have a blast getting to observe all the amazing works by the real artists. Check out my profile and hit me up if you have any tips that would be useful for a newbie or if you're just friendly.

Kagan Love

Watch this





buttuh finguhz


i think kagan love did a doorbell ditch-it on us!

kzjl profile pic Alumni

oohh.. iv'e seen and scored your interesting design, the calculator stuff. =D i'm sure plenty of great artist will inspire you here in threadless, cya around. =)


lol Hello, everyone...I didn't forget, just stay busy during the day. It is a pleasure to meet all of you. Now I will have to stalk all of your profile to see your work :p. But seriously thanks for the meet and greet!

Evan_Luza profile pic Alumni

Greetings, friend

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