Check out my handmade SIMBA

Hey Guys!

i would like to share my idea with you ~

In addition to using computer graphics or hand draw aside, I would like to use some sort of raw material to convey feelings of Africa, so I thought of paper sculpture , this is my first time to put on a tshirt !

It is really have a lots of FUN when i into this !!

I don't know whether you can feel the vitality & lovely of little Simba??

please let me know if you like it ....

cheer up!!

Watch this

I looks kinda blocky....I would smooth it out a little.

Other than that it looks geat!

Hello antony, I agree looks great. I have 2 suggestions for you I dont think you need the text we can tell it's Simba.. if you really wanted the text you could make it the same way you did Simba your own way and style. My other suggestion is i love the view in the first post with the green even how its cropped would look great as is on a t-shirt & for example could be shown on white, creme, lemon and have the image with the green stripe go across the shirt. :)


Cool way of creating Simba, i like it much! yet i agree with christina, the text needs work


Cool!!..Great idea!! i dont know if it shows the progress or something but those lines on his left ear is missing on second slide..

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