Early blogging memories

So I was just reminsicing about this a few days ago, remembering how Chelly was among the first people to make me feel welcome hera nd stuff. So I got to thinking a bit and maybe get you thinking a bit.

Among the very first people I remember being nice to me were Chelly, Ethan (professore) and Evan (frickinawesome). Followed not too long by Alvin (chipmnk), Amy (kookaberry), Danmaltz (maltzmania), Sam (biobotsomething), Dee (wardrobeinharrypotter) Pizzaz (no real name remembered) and maybe a few more I'm forgetting at this point.

Omair (ipear) was probably the first guy I instantly liked, even though we didn't hang out much, but I loved his posts and humor and stuff, also Torasteve (torakamasutra) and Mitch (spacefuck). Though it took me a few months to actually know when Mitch was being serious or not, then I realized he was always serious.

Kneil (roadkill, I think), MartinK and Mathiole were among the first designers that I started stalking and shit.

I'm pretty sure Ethan was the first guy I started calling by his real name (and viceversa), followed closely by Dee and Amy.

So, who's your early peeps?

*Usernames used cause I'm not sure who's still active or if the newer guys know the older guys by name and shit.

**There may have been a blog like this already, but it would have been a bunch of years ago, without the newer people and shit.

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mike bautista said:

I only remember the Alamo.

don't you remember you told me you loved me, babayy??

mike bautista
mike bautista profile pic Alumni

I was too lazy to work on my art skills so I'd be in the slogan blog more. FrickenAwesome was really friendly and we'd talk about movies. I have no idea what kind of conversations he'd have with an 18 yo about movies. I have no respect for teen mike.

ofthecoast was welcoming back then. canceromega was my first friend and she was really awesome. asdfghaya was pretty much the only reason I used AIM again. I talked to a few others through there. Bacontaco is where I made most of my friends. I'd list them but I don't think I need to. I will say that before bacontaco, I thought chipmnk was too cool to talk to me.

artists I really liked back then were sonmi, the artist formerly known as ladrones but he still uses that account I think he forgot he made a new one, boysbeambitous, maltzmania, you, funkie fresh, kcollantes, a few others and anyone who contributed to the old Select line.

It's neat looking back now, considering everyone I gravitated towards I ended up being really close with. it's really weird typing this out and using their usernames. and since I keep up my art outside of threadless, it's pretty cool to know the artists I respect and friends I made dig what I've been doing. it keeps me subbing here.

the czar

I'm sure that Chelly was the first to make numerous folks welcome. She was a Threadless ambassador before the title existed. Probably the only folks on here still that I was welcomed by at the start are Michelle (Squintygirl) and Brian (Tracer). I was never one of the cool kids haha but I had a great time here.

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