Anatomy of a Hot Pocket

Help me out, I would love any suggestions!

Watch this

I like this idea.. just thinking about use one color for any part of hot pocket.


Thank you for your comment. I don't know that I understand exactly what you mean. Do you think I should add color to the hot pocket?


Nice conception, maybe a little more color will make it shine =D. Also, it is just a thought, but I don't know about so many text in a design.


Exactly. I missing more colorful hot pocket and less simple text.


I want the design to look like a schematic, so I don't want to add a lot of color. I simplified the text and made some other minor adjustments. What do you think?


It's cool. But I think colors would be great, even though you don't like it.. and in my opinion there is too many descriptions or fonts in it.. and its really hard to read when you put it on a shirt.. and if you make it bigger it'll look awkward and messy.. So I guess you could sort out those desciptions


what about removing the background all together and adding a blue grid like blueprints? That or add a white grid. Like graph paper. Just my thoughts also could really use some votes too! haha


Hahahaha! Very clever design my friend, but in order to give a proper critique I kinda need to see your design placed on a t-shirt and see how it will be placed, and how it will look with all that text:p If possible, try to post up another pic with the design on a tee template!


It's a good idea, but I think the text should be a little bigger for readability.

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